Easy Twist Jar Opener
Easy Twist Jar Opener
Easy Twist Jar Opener
Easy Twist Jar Opener
Easy Twist Jar Opener
Easy Twist Jar Opener

Easy Twist Jar Opener

  • Adjustable & ergonomically design & handle
  • Fits most jars (between 2.4cm - 10.2cm diameter OR 1" - 4")
  • Opens bottles & jars with one simple twist
  • Compact & space-saving
  • Stainless steel/wood
  • Easy & effortless to use

Why do I need this?

With the Easy Grip Jar Opener, you can EFFORTLESSLY open the TIGHTEST jars & bottle caps within seconds!

This durable, stainless steel, Easy Grip Jar Opener is a simple, but sturdy tool, designed to save energy by opening lids on bottles and jars in just seconds, with one simple twist! The adjustable, opening mouth features steel teeth, on the clamp, that grab the edge of stubborn lids tightly and hold on while you twist!

Our Easy Grip Jar Opener makes opening even the tightest jars effortless. The jar opener is adjustable and will fit most jars. Simply place it over the jar lid and twist the handle to open. It's that quick and easy! This utensil is perfect for seniors and folks with rheumatoid arthritis.



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Jane Perarad

I don't have arthritis, I'm just weak af and had a bunch of jars that I couldn't use because hours of trying with towels, knives, etc didn't work to open them. There was only one bottle I couldn't open with this because it was too small. This opener has worked great on every other jar and bottle I've tried to open, it's easy to use and it works quickly with lower effort.

This changed my life, I can actually use the stuff I buy now.

 Andrei Bui

After being so frustrated that a jar of mangos had me beat, I finally decided to just buy this opener and now I'm kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I would definitely recommend this to anyone dealing with hand pain or loss of strength.

Ricardo Nguyen

This thing works wonders!! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune type of arthritis quite young that affects my fingers and wrists. Opening jars with my hands has become impossible. This little tool is amazing. Clip it on the lid and give it a turn. Requires almost no effort to get the lid off. I am so happy with this product.


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